Idea Behind Co-Rank

It was just a dream or an idea which was later planned on the paper to form it into reality.

Before we formed this group we worked for many industries, and we noticed that clients get disappointed when they find lack of communication, behavior of the partners, project management structure, or working method. We found variant problems. Just because we have faced this problem too, so we know how it feels, and we just thought to overcome these problems and bring up more solutions.

We hold the true meaning of our organization’s name

Just because we are the Core Team so we called ourselves as Co-Rank. Co – represents our team that we will cooperate as your own Co-Team, and Rank represents our speciality that we will help you to boost your business online in the marketing sector.

What do we do?

Our Co-Team offers variant solutions like if you don’t have a website for your business or startup we will build an impressive website, we do website design and development solution for you. If your website is ready then definitely marketing is necessary to bring your website on top of Google. So we also do Digital Marketing that will help you to achieve better revenue through the internet.

Our Vision

At Co-Rank we vision to be the most trustful partner and the best SEO service provider in the digital world. Our vision doesn’t compare any business scale, we don’t care whether your business is a big scale or a small scale we like to work with all. But the thing that matters is your own dedication or seriousness for your business. This is the thing that our vision makes us different from other agencies.

Our Thoughts Towards Customers

In India we have a culture that we call our customers god. Yes! It’s true. Customers or clients are like gods.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to grow alone. We have a dream to grow by holding hands of our clients, or customers. We are not like other digital marketing agencies whose main priority is earning. We are actually aiming to build the long-term business relationship. We want to grow together. That’s the reason we are called our name as Co-Rank means to grow together.

How do we work?

According to the type of business we have categorized our services. We analyze the businesses and do the proper research and prepare well documentation. We also do competitor analysis, we research the marketing then we do the proper planning before execution.

How have we worked in the past?

This is the main thing for you to know when you want to start working with us. We have 5 years plus experience in the field of marketing, designing and developing. We have worked with various types of industries like: Hotel Management, Hospitals, Clinical type business, factories, ecommerce business, institutes, universities and more. We have already done marketing with various industries.

How was the whole journey started?

Yeah! It did not happen overnight. We have gone through every aspect to build this organization. Yes! We have seriously done so hard to bring the organization in front of the people. We have a taste of freelancers also; we have been freelancers in our early stage. We have been interns in the various companies; we have been employees, interns, and a team leader in many IT industries. Then finally after analyzing each and everything then we reached the final step which is now a group called Co-Rank.